Entire Zagray Farm Site Now Searchable

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To improve getting around the Zagray Farm site, a few rearrangements to the site navagation.
The Member Links and Commercial Links pages are now under the Links Heading.
The Zagray Farm Site Map has moved under the Home Heading (see Sidebar for link).

Site enhancement …..
The entire Zagray Farm site is now searchable.
From the Search Page you can now enter search terms or text and returned are links to the pages or documents in the Zagray Farm site that contain your search query.
Since this is based on Google Search, some results may be in error for a while until Google gets the modified site structure indexed.
For now most results are correct, but if you get a “Page Not Found” error, please be patient while Google reindexes the site.

Zagray Farm News

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Current and back issues of the 'Zagray Quarterly' newsletter from March 2009 to the present are available in the Newsletter page

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